What’s in its cabinetses, Precious?

Following the Big Leave, the house has been pretty darned quiet, and at times I’m hurting for things to do. No one needs a last minute side dish for a picnic? Nobody has to have a pair of dress pants ironed and hemmed by tomorrow? What’s up with that?

It would be pretty easy to slide into a state of melancholy. Luckily it’s a crazy busy time at work, and I can focus on that. This new blog is helping, and there’s a volunteer opportunity buzzing around in my brain, waiting for me to jump up and act on it.

But still. We’re minus two very important parts of this household, and a third part is so busy with life and homework she’s out of reach most of the time.

To create a distraction, and to recall a lifetime of hilarious hijinks (I’m pretty certain that’s the first time I’ve ever typed the word “hijinks”), I’m creating this installment of “What’s in its cabinetses, Precious?”

You see, a certain member of our family (who is male, older than any of us, and is not moving away for college any time soon) has always had a propensity for hiding strange and amusing items around the house, ready to surprise the unsuspecting user of a plate, a towel, or a pair of socks.


The wiener dog hot dog slicer. Never used, but always loyal, standing guard next to the dessert plates.


Gorbachev, glaring sternly every time we’ve opened the storage container cabinet for the last 10 years. Gorby is actually a set of Metrushka dolls depicting the communist leaders of Russia, brought home by my sister long ago after spending several years in Moscow.


Mushabelly Chatterfloppy is a recent entry in the category (and the towel cabinet). The perpetrator found him in a last chance clearance bin and couldn’t resist, based on the goofy name. The shriek of Older Sister the first time she went to get a towel for her shower and discovered this oddball lying in wait was priceless.

Aaah, the memories. This is a fun place to live, even if it is too quiet now.


5 thoughts on “What’s in its cabinetses, Precious?

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  2. Thanks…I was laughing through the tears as I wrote them. That’s the good thing about this new blog. It’s keeping me from taking myself and my “missing my kids” grief too seriously. 🙂


  3. No one needs a last minute side dish for a picnic? Nobody has to have a pair of dress pants ironed and hemmed by tomorrow? What’s up with that?

    -I might have snorted out a laugh at these lines.


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