Tea for Two

We’re down two awesome kids in this empty-ish nest, but Sister #2 is still around, thank goodness. She’s attending an in-city university and chose to live at home. She’s not home much, and when she is here she’s swamped with homework, but this morning we had half a day stretching before us, ripe with adventure. Homemade chai latte, here we come! (I’m not much of a risk-taker, so work with me here.)

We headed to our historic downtown area. First stop: Penzy’s spices, where heavenly scents meet you at the door. We opted for star anise, cardamom, and cinnamon sticks, but took our time sampling plenty of other treats, as well.


Next we dropped in at Pete and Repeat, a treasure trove of a consignment shop. Last time Sister #2 found two darling fall sweaters, but nothing this time around. Still fun to browse, though.


And on to TLC Thrifty Boutique, purveyors of antiques, kitschy decor, and inexplicable odds and ends. Last year for her birthday, I found Sister #2 a rubber stamp that reads “PORK.” Now I regret turning down the others in the set, which proclaimed “SAUSAGE,” “HAM,” and “BEEF.” Today’s most interesting find: an expanding fan from a funeral home depicting the last supper, complete with a city skyline showing through the window behind the holy scene. Gorgeous!


Back at home, we boiled black tea and our newly purchased spices together, added milk and sugar, and ended up with a delicious morning drink. And we were clever enough to double the batch so we can enjoy the leftovers for the rest of the holiday weekend.




A lovely start to the day!


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