Can you see me now?

The Husband has been knocked flat by headaches several times in the last couple of weeks. It could be cause for alarm, except for the fact that we realized several months ago that he needed new reading glasses (Holy cow, that sounds so elderly!). But with all the graduations, the Big Leave, and various work commitments, there just wasn’t time to deal with it. Until last night.

And so we had a date at the corner CVS.

I really only went along to get out of the house because IT’S SO QUIET. Seriously, I’m getting desperate here. Actually, CVS is pretty dull, but we’ll know I’ve reached the level of terminal empty nest syndrome when I’m reduced to accompanying him to Advanced Auto in the evenings. Thankfully I’m not there yet.

The Husband didn’t really want my help figuring out a) which strength of readers he needed or b) which style he should choose. I could tell he didn’t want my help because when I kindly started reading the “how to choose your readers” chart for him he looked at me and said, “Go away. Go look at athlete’s foot cream or something.” I’m pretty perceptive that way.

So I wandered the aisles of CVS, where, as it turns out, there are some pretty cool items. It was hard to turn down a cordless, soothing, desk-top water feature for $5.99. It had rocks! I love rocks!

The book and magazine area had a lovely selection by Bill O’Reilly. So that’s what people who get their literature at CVS read? Interesting.

Then there was this:

sea waffles

I think when the kids were little I might have been tempted to buy a special waffle maker to make fun, undersea-creature-shaped waffles for them. But on this night, all I could focus on were the huge words, “Sea Waffles.” Sorry, but that makes me think of fish turds. Not appetizing.

I also found this air freshener:

fish car

Seriously? I think if your car smells like fish, THAT’S when you need to get a car air freshener.

By the time I’d run out of aisles, The Husband had almost made his choice. He allowed me to assist in the final decision. I nixed a hipster pair (I refuse to buy skinny jeans for 52-year-old man), a giant, wire-framed style made popular by serial killers and bomb threat-writers, and one that I’m pretty sure was a women’s model.

We managed to find a pair that look pretty normal on him. I hope they take care of his headaches. I also hope we can come up with a better date next time. Maybe Ace Hardware?


5 thoughts on “Can you see me now?

  1. “Go away. Go look at athlete’s foot cream or something.” – LOL!! Yep, takes perception to understand he didn’t want or need your help. 😉 Love it.


  2. Great post! My husband and I have taken to doing some quite mundane errands together now that only one child is left (who is usually at the soccer field). You know you’re getting older when you’re looking forward to grandchildren!


  3. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. I have to admit, I’ve stooped to a trek through Bass Pro Shops to avoid the silence. ugh. There wasn’t much fun to be had in the store for me, so I took pictures of all the dead animals and sent them to my daughter so that we could swap texts to laugh about how I could decorate our home.


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