Right Now: 9/19/13

Following the first migraine I’ve had in 15 years – long enough that it took me an hour or so last night to realize what was going on, and after I’d already gone back to work to lead a group of noisy, energetic kids in a room with bright florescent lights (not exactly in the best practices manual for migraine recovery) – I had to at least try to sleep in this morning. Being the rotten sleeper that I am I wasn’t too successful, but I at least got an extra hour in a dark bedroom. I got enough rest that I managed to crawl in to the office this morning for a few hours to take care of the Must-do-today’s on my to-do list.

And this was what greeted me when I zombie-walked downstairs to the kitchen at 7:00:


Younger Daughter has always been one for writing thoughtful notes. This one, done hastily before she had to be on her way to campus at 6:45, made my migraine recovery day much more bearable.

This photo is linked with http://www.momseyeviewnyc.wordpress.com – fun project!


7 thoughts on “Right Now: 9/19/13

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  2. And despite all that, you still posted this! Thank you! What a lovely note from your daughter. I hope you’re feeling better and that you go at least another 15 years without another migraine.


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