Seasons of Love

I enjoy living in a region where we get four distinct seasons every year. Each season has something special that makes me look forward to the change while at the same time regretting the loss of the season that’s ending.

This year I didn’t hold summer as firmly in my grasp as I often have. Throughout our life together as a family I treasured summertimes together with no school, little pressure, fewer meetings, and much fun. This year, knowing it was going to come to a more difficult end than ever with both the oldest and the youngest flying away, I suppose I may have unconsciously prepared myself better for the letting go.

Though I always felt sad to lose those summer days together when our three went back to school, autumn has always been my favorite time of year. The rich colors, the crispness in the air, the smell of wet piles of leaves, the crunchiness of dry leaves – heaven for the senses.

Today, on my day off, it was wonderful to experience an actual turn of the weather – cool breeze, clear sky, 72 degrees…perfect. I reveled in the coming of fall by bringing back some of my favorite seasonal traditions. First thing this morning I put a pot of homemade potpourri on to simmer (cinnamon sticks, whole allspice, whole cloves, and orange peel) to fill the house with the scent of a baking pie.


Before Younger Sister left for campus, we treated ourselves to the first annual listening of Rutter’s “Requiem,” a favorite work we save for autumn only. I had the great good fortune to participate in an excellent community choir production years ago for All Saint’s Day, and have adored it ever since.

Even with this excellent beginning, the day has only gotten better as it’s worn on. Breakfast with two long-time friends – we’ve been together since we were pregnant, and our children grew up together as a closely-knit group. A successful haircut (thank goodness – I despise getting my hair cut and this one event could have blown the entire day). A good phone conversation with Oldest Sister. A long chat with my close friend, neighbor, and co-author. A few chores that allow me to sit back and enjoy a (relatively) clean and tidy house. And when Younger Sister gets home after stopping on her way back from campus to visit with one of her favorite high school teachers, we have a little shopping excursion planned. Last – and by no means least – I ran across a blogger this morning who put me onto a way to get hold of one of my all-time favorite television series online. “Father Ted” is in my near future – a hilarious end to a beautiful day (thanks, Things My Children Said!)

Happy autumn, everyone!


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