Never a dull moment.

The Husband is a joker. Not a practical joker, thank goodness, or I’d have kicked him to the curb before we walked down the aisle. No, he’s more of a connoisseur of all things silly. My favorite humor genre is the absurd. The fact that our combined sense of humor has been absorbed by the three kids makes life pretty amusing, even now that the house is largely empty.

Why? Just...why? I find these "I did it stickers" on objects all over the house.

Why? Just…why? I find these “I did it!” stickers on objects all over the house.

I was musing on the graffiti-laden bedroom doors today. It’s a pretty small house, so the kids’ doors became catch-alls for their most amusing or momentous collectibles. The Husband and I get such a laugh out of this stuff we let it stay.

This tag, minus the commentary added at the bottom by an anonymous family jokester, came on a pair of pants purchased by one of the males in the household:


The girls feel pretty confident that John and Sherlock would have caucused for Obama in ’08 if they’d had the opportunity:


A fascinating, though 100% wrong guess, from a round of telephone pictionary:


Younger sister apparently was feeling pretty radical one day in September while thumbing through the pages of her planner:


An interesting array here. To be honest, I think either The Husband or I imposed the “Action may be required” label on a day when The Boy’s selective hearing had tuned out chore requests one too many times.


I find myself re-reading the doors fairly often now. They’re time capsules, really, capturing moments of family history, laughter, and special events. I suppose one day all these memories will come down in favor of a new paint color or in a fit of spring cleaning. But I’m not in any hurry.


5 thoughts on “Never a dull moment.

  1. I love the decorated door idea! Don’t think my wife would be too keen on decorating the outside, but maybe I could talk the kidlets into working on the inside of their doors, and it could become a family “thing” before she notices!


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