Right Now: 4:05 pm CST

imageThese photos may not seem like anything particularly interesting…unless you live on our street. For us, this scene (new sod, laid and watered) is HUGE.

Last April an incredibly intense and disruptive, major construction project started on a two-mile strip of our street. The road bed underneath the asphalt was removed (and the 60-year-old dirt under there was shockingly smelly – like a stagnant pond). Our sidewalks, curb, and half of our driveway were removed. For a full month over some of the hottest days of summer we had to park around the block and hike to our car any time we left the house. For several months, we had construction trucks in our front yard round the clock. Dust, dirt, and sludge covered everything all the time. Of course, all this was taking place in the midst of The Boy’s graduation party in May.


For Younger Sister, the most traumatic part of the project was the removal of 122 trees along the easement of the construction area, including two directly in front of our house. Mature, shady trees that met over the street, that had been her friends all her life, and which she grieved with full-out sobs for two days. Thankfully, in a surprise move, the city replaced many of those trees with dear little “baby” trees we’ll enjoy for years to come.

The placing of the sod is the final stage of the project, and we have a beautiful new street, sidewalks, street lamps, and grass. Our tax dollars at work. Long live the social contract.

Today’s post is linked to a project on http://www.momseyeviewnyc.wordpress.com. Check it out!


One thought on “Right Now: 4:05 pm CST

  1. Thanks for posting again! Sorry you had to go through the construction, but it looks great now. We’re going through the evil 2nd Ave Subway construction here and I’m not thinking the results will be as nice as yours 😉


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