Right Now: 9:15 am CST

imageRight now I’m missing The Boy, our youngest. It’s more than that, of course – I’m missing the life that the five of us had together that was such a source of joy.

I’m thankful that I have a very special way to remember those times – a number of recordings of our kids’ musical work. The Boy and Younger Sister sang in choirs together at school for two years – the years in which they finally became good friends and mutual admirers. Oldest Sister is an accomplished instrumentalist – viola and piano.

Between the three of them, we were privileged to attend All-State music festivals for seven years in a row. Several years we attended more than one concert at the festival; orchestra, high school chorale, middle level chorale. Each of the kids had the incredible honor of being chosen for their All-State group three years in a row.

And so we have a collection of choral and orchestral CDs with beautiful music made by the best teen musicians in the state. In addition, we have recordings of their solos at other events. Today’s photo is a song I have stored on my phone, from the state large ensemble contest the year The Boy was a sophomore in high school – his clear and silky tenor solo still makes me tear up. He’s now aged into a rich and full baritone, and I can hardly wait for his first university concert later in the month. This weekend we get to hear Younger Sister’s university choir at a city festival. Oldest continues to play viola, now for Hopkins symphony orchestra in Baltimore…hoping the stars align correctly one day so we can attend one of her concerts, as well.

So right now, music is on my mind. And on my phone. Loving the memories.

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8 thoughts on “Right Now: 9:15 am CST

  1. I found you through Mom’s Eye View and I wanted to comment to say congratulations for getting three kids successfully to college.

    This is both a genuine congrats at getting where I aim to be one day and a head’s up for any other bloggers who read this post and thought, “OMG… what terrible tragedy befell the youngest?” before clicking over to your “about” page which is thankfully up to date. I am so relieved.

    Well done!


  2. So sorry you’re missing your son. I love reading your blog because you’re a mom in a different place than me and it gives me a different perspective on parenting. How wonderful that you have that music for these times.


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