Contented, Boring Old Me

imageI’ve had time to reflect in the last few, post-Big Leave weeks on what I like to do, what I have time to do, and what I can afford to do (and with all three kids in college, I can’t afford much). Now that we have practically an empty nest, I have developed a new To-Do list for myself.

I’m a list addict – I have a running, daily task list with extra lists on my days off just for a special treat. If I complete a task by accident that I hadn’t thought to put on my list, I’ll write it in just for the pleasure of crossing it off. I LOVE my iPad “Reminders” app for this reason – and I’m afraid to download iOS7 just in case it changes my tablet list-making paradigm. If being a list-o-phile is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

So…drumroll please…my hedonistic list of things I want to do in the next few months:
-Re-learn how to knit and figure out how to make a scarf someone would actually want to wear
-Make cool Christmas presents for friends and family (completely unrelated to the knitting – I’m pretty well aware of my own limitations)
-Attend our high school fall concert and fall play and get lots of hugs from old friends, both students and parents
-Attend The Boy’s opera and fall concert – I so miss seeing him on stage
-Attend Younger Sister’s fall concert and listen for her gorgeous soprano
-Re-discover some of my favorite PBS shows while practicing my newfound hobby of knitting and drinking hot tea with a fleece blanket over me (I could actually divide this one up into several exciting cross-off-able items!)
-Figure out how to survive the holidays with a minimum of extended family stress. Again. Just like every year.

Reading over this list, I notice that trips to Hawaii, the Caymans, and Disney World are conspicuous by their absence. So are girls’ weekends, vineyard tours, and ski weekends. The truth about me is that even if we had the money to do these things, I’d be happier with my stay-at-home, friend-and-family oriented list than with the lifestyles of most of my Facebook friends.

I can’t wait to get started!


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