Still mom.

When I first had the idea for Mom Goes On, I wasn’t sure what life would look like for this mom with her nest mostly empty.  Three months after the Big Leave, things are sort of settling into a “new normal.”

There’s way less laundry to do. I still find myself freaking out if I don’t do a load on a given day – with five of us in the house two loads per day used to be the norm. I can get away with not cooking supper several nights in a week. There are plenty of leftovers, and many nights there are only one or two of us at home. It’s been fun rediscovering boxed macaroni and cheese. The squares on our calendar are remarkably empty, and with all those evenings with no meetings and no school events my knitting is coming along splendidly. In fact, I’m going to have to take a break because my bad tendons are starting to complain. The Husband and I actually complete conversations without interruption, and have time to laugh together fairly often.

And it’s been nice to discover that I’m still needed for “mom duty” on occasion. I’m about to head off to a doctor appointment with Middle Sister – she needs moral support due to some very uncomfortable symptoms that sound suspiciously like gall bladder issues. The Boy texted me yesterday with a request that we bring along his winter clothes when we make the drive on Thursday to attend his first university choral concert. Older sister communicates frequently from the east coast with the ups and downs of her new life.

Rolling with the changes, still a mom, and loving it. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Still mom.

  1. My kids aren’t completely gone, but I am down to one! I think its the way to wean yourself off of having children around by having them leave one at a time. I can relate to what you say– way more time, way less laundry and groceries…. we hardly eat anything without my son here. Plus, if you want ice cream, there is usually still some in the container. ha ha With all of that, I must admit , it is a bit hard letting go….


    • Yes, definitely it’s hard. You’re right, though, letting go of just one at a time helps. I’m so thankful our middle one chose to live at home for college. Even though her schedule is so packed I don’t get to see her much, it’s still great to have her company when she’s available.


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