Searching for peace

I’m finding that knitting is therapeutic for this grieving mom. Following the death of a young friend, I need time to myself to contemplate the big, eternal questions and to remind myself that we have a loving God who grieves alongside us. Knitting allows me a place to do just that.

The repetitive, mindless, motions and the soft clicking of the needles are, for me, meditative. My mind and heart go to the places they need to go. In the meantime, I’m creating something for a loved one, and visible progress comes quickly.

I come away with deep, soul-searching sighs, but also with a measure of peace. With a visitation, a memorial, and a funeral ahead of us in the next three days, I need that peace.


4 thoughts on “Searching for peace

  1. Years ago, after a whole lot of losses in too short of a time frame, I picked up my knitting needles. I started making preemie baby hats. It gave me a quick result, and just as you explain, it is very therapeutic. I hope you find some peace. My thoughts are with the friends and family of this young man.


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