Time Together

It was tough to say goodbye to my boy this evening as he headed back to college. The death of his friend and going through this time with the family and community has changed us all. I think leaving was harder for him, too, because his hug was longer and tighter than usual. He feels a lot, but doesn’t say much. The hug said it all.

As The Boy left, his father was finishing up today’s work on my mid-resurrection van. Tools everywhere.The Boy started to back out of the driveway, and The Husband called, “Stop him!” Simply a burned out headlight, but it took nearly an hour to order new ones online, pick them up, and put them in. The Husband, in the meantime, had a date to go out with a friend. So I got to be the mechanic’s assistant.

The Boy, his girlfriend, and his Jeep, loading up to head to college in August.

The Boy, his girlfriend, and his Jeep, loading up to head to college in August.

Thank goodness The Boy is as mechanically inclined as his father. He knows his Jeep inside and out, having done major work on it to get the 20-year-old vehicle in the best shape possible before taking it to college with him. It was great fun to stand there, Vanna-like, holding the screws, the new lamps, and the drop light, watching him in action.

Now Middle Sister and I are curled up with cups of tea, snuggly blankets, books, and knitting. A peaceful, loving end to a difficult week.


2 thoughts on “Time Together

  1. During the second semester of his freshman year, one of my son’s high school friends died accidentally — and alone — while at an off-campus weekend event with his fraternity. The circumstances and questions surrounding his death made it even more difficult for his family and the kids in his high school class. So I understand a bit of what you’ve been going through.


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