Ups and Downs

I guess we should expect it at this time of year, but the temperature in my part of the world is going down rapidly today. When I went out to get the newspaper at 6:45 it was so warm I left the front door open. By the time I start cooking supper tonight the temperature will have dropped to 42, with a low in the 20’s overnight.

There was a serious “down” in the kitchen once I got into the house with the newspaper. When I opened the water well of my coffee maker, there was a SPIDER lying in wait for me. I mean, the bloody cheek! Thankfully The Husband was right next to me, so all I had to do was stumble away, moaning, and shout, “Fix it!!!!” I disappeared for a few seconds, and he bravely de-spidered the coffee maker for me. He even managed to convince me that it was not necessary to disinfect the machine before starting my coffee. How germy could a spider be, really?

Perfect for our infants and toddlers - dear illustrations and few words.

Perfect for our infants and toddlers – dear illustrations and few words.

I got to have a lovely “up” once I got to work. I take turns with another gal in our community leading a story time for moms and little ones. Today was my turn, and we read a book with adorable pumpkins, mice, and autumn leaves. Then we played with tubs full of beans. What could be more fun than reading a story and playing with babies and toddlers all morning?

There’s nothing on the schedule this evening besides “Antiques Road Show” on PBS, a blanket, a cup of tea, and knitting.

Things are looking up.


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