Bad ideas.

I’ve been collecting these bad ideas for awhile now:


What’s so bad about Bandaids, you might ask? Putting five random Disney character bandages in the box so that when the injured person is running late for a formal event she grabs one and puts it on her finger on the way out the door without realizing she’s pulled out one of the five that are decorated with Mickey Mouse.


Pumpkin Spice MnM’s?!? Not even the MnM’s guy likes this idea – look at the expression on his face.

“Wrinkle Free” sheets.  Sorry, no photo for this one because I threw away the packaging that advertised them as “wrinkle free.” I bought new bed sheets in the summer, and they’re by far the most wrinkliest sheets I’ve ever owned. To be honest, I couldn’t care less whether my sheets are wrinkled. But sheets that lie to me really piss me off.

imageGross. Just totally gross. We found these on the shelf of a dollar store in a tiny rural town while camping over the summer, when we were on a search for extra marshmallows for our second night of s’mores. The sausages became a family legend, and whenever one of the kids is feeling a little down I send them this photo to cheer them up. I love that the serving suggestion is to put these mutant sausages on a plate and place a 60’s-era boy head next to them. My guess is that eating them would cause you to loosen your “prairie belt” for an emergency gastrointestinal event in pretty short order.

And now that I’ve unloaded that archive of bad ideas, it’s time to start a new collection…can’t wait to see what I find next!


4 thoughts on “Bad ideas.

  1. Haha! How strange that wrinkle-free sheets have a ton of wrinkles!! I personally love the idea of character bandaids, lol! Adds personality to formal wear. 😉


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