About knitting

Now moving on to one for my mom and one for my sister-in-law.

Now moving on to one for my mom and one for my sister-in-law.

Things I’ve learned about knitting in the last six weeks:
1. Fat yarn is better than skinny yarn.
2. Ditto for fat needles vs skinny needles,
3. Don’t drop the crochet hook you use to repair dropped stitches between the seats of your rental car. You will never see it again and will have to buy a new one, but you won’t be able to get to Hobby Lobby for several days and will have to use your fingers, which is totally ineffective.
4. Take a break every now and then or your hands will no longer be able to pick up a cup of coffee.
5. Don’t try to make a cute stripe in a scarf out of shiny, slick yarn. You will lose your mind and your fingers will seize up trying to keep the stupid stuff on the needle.
6. It takes a great deal of persistence to make a knitted scarf for each of your three children.
7. You can watch an entire nine seasons of a sitcom on Netflix while knitting three scarves.
8. Variegated yarn is lots of fun because just when you’re getting bored with the color it magically changes! But first you have this very exciting few minutes of the color getting ready to change, and slowly watching it approach the needles. Wow! (Perhaps I live a rather boring existence.)

Thank you.


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