Crossed Fingers, Chapter Two: In Which My Van Starts Up and Runs Beautifully

imageTonight was one for the books. A play by play:
1. Someone stopped by with a dozen Panera bagels (including two cinnamon crunch and two chocolate chip – heaven!) as a surprise treat.
2. I made tortellini soup for supper. It’s easy and very healthy, but it makes way too much, even when I deliberately try to half the recipe.
3. A good friend of Middle Sister and The Boy stopped by to visit (more about Evan another time – he’s an awesome guy) and stayed to help us eat up the soup so we don’t have too many leftovers. I love having another boy around the house, and this one’s just like one of the family.
4. Evan stuck around to keep The Husband company and to assist as he continued working on my van.
5. I curled up with a blanket and my knitting to watch a double-header of “Antiques Roadshow.”
6. Episode #2 was interrupted when I was called upstairs to witness a miracle.

I won’t be driving it for a few days – there are a few minor bits not yet on it, like the hood and the windshield wipers.

The Husband is a superhero.


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