NOT-so-long-distance Mom

In a surprise move, The Boy called me last night and stayed on the phone with me for half an hour. Unprecedented.

This, following a surprise phone call to share some good news on Tuesday, and several unprovoked texts throughout the week.

It left me pondering (and very appreciative, of course). Why, all of a sudden? He really did have a number of exciting things to share; a permanent job singing – for money!! – regularly in a local church, nomination by his class to speak in a university speaking competition (his classmates must have good judgment, as The Boy can out-speak anyone, any time), resolution (for now) of a discrepancy in his scholarship award amount, and upcoming auditions for the winter opera. All good stuff.

But I couldn’t help but wonder…did the recent death of our young friend make my boy more aware of just how much we love and miss him? Is he having a hard time coming to terms with that shocking life experience? Is he becoming a member of the frightening statistics about college students and depression? (Due to a strong family predisposition, my mind always goes there.)

The Boy, photographed in his natural state.

The Boy, in his natural state.

It’s likely my concern over his oldest sister’s recent health issue is clouding my perspective. That, and some rocky emotional stuff I’ve had to deal with this week. I know how easy it is to worry unnecessarily when my babies are far away. Probably he’s just fine.

But I’m awfully glad he’ll be home for Thanksgiving in a few days, so I can observe quietly and bring up the subject if necessary. And, simply, so I can hug him and enjoy the fantastically awesome guy that he is.


4 thoughts on “NOT-so-long-distance Mom

  1. What a great photo! I wish I had some wise words, but since I am dealing with issues that are very similar to yours, I don’t have any. I hope your daughter is feeling better! I am going to believe your son simply loves to talk to his mom. 🙂


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