Mishmash, hodgepodge jumble…

A very cold, quiet afternoon (well, it would be quiet if it weren’t for the air compressor humming away in the garage along with the whir of air tools). And a few random thoughts…

The marvelous repair on my tiny white van has had one of the anticipated glitches – a bad water pump. The Husband is taking care of that today.

Time is running short because he’s just about to embark upon a new career, something he’s wanted to do for years and years. Drumroll please…he’s about to become an over-the-road driver of semi tractor-trailors. He’s been in training for five weeks and has two very good job offers already. So immediately after Thanksgiving weekend, he’ll be heading off to parts unknown for company training, and Middle Sister and I will be alone in the house. An even emptier nest than before. Very weird. But, as I said, he’s wanted to do this forever; we were just waiting for the kids to be on to the next stages of their lives. He’s a happy camper, and therefore so am I.

I’m just about to finish up Christmas gift scarf number four, with number five about 3/4 done. Knitting is a perfect activity for a day in which going outside is definitely not an option.

To finish up the mishmash, hodgepodge jumble, I’ll leave you with an offering from that National Lampoon collection I mentioned earlier in the week. The slogan in this advertisement has been taken on by the family, since I so often forget to put the plates on the table before supper…

Wait...plates are only for dining out?

Wait…plates are only for dining out?


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