Situation resolved.

This is a banner day. The Boy will be home by suppertime – can’t wait! The Husband is taking his final driving test for his CDL and then interviewing with the top company on his list. It’s the last day in my work week.

And finally – and momentously – after five months, I have resolved a completely ridiculous situation with our prescription drug “benefit” plan.

Between us, The Husband and I have collectively spent five hours on the phone with customer service representatives. At least three of those reps have either downright lied to us and/or just said whatever we wanted to hear to get us off the phone. Three separate huge mistakes (including sending a disputed bill to a collection agency in our daughter’s name) forced us to tell the story from the beginning to at least eight different people. Finally today, quite by accident, the most recent representative discovered that a check I sent in July, which was posted by my bank but never credited to my account, was accidentally applied to my husband’s former account.

The gal I talked to today said she’d taken the hold off my account, so – yippee! – I can once again order my prescriptions through mail order. NOT HAPPENING. I will never order anything else from this company, even if I have to pay slightly more through a local pharmacy.

So now I can close that obnoxious, frustrating chapter in our lives, drive my awesome, amazing van home to pick up Middle Sister so we can do a fun grocery run to Trader Joes, and look forward to hugging my boy and celebrating with The Husband.

An excellent beginning to the Thanksgiving holiday.


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