So many good things.

Some of those good things:

+Oldest Sister made it safely to Chicago for her Thanksgiving visit to her boyfriend’s family, in spite of dire weather warnings for the east coast.

+The Boy got safely home last evening. With Middle Sister babysitting and The Husband busy working on yet another old vehicle, The Boy and I went out for Chinese. Pure joy to drive my tiny white van to eat some of my favorite food with my boy sitting next to me and singing. Oh, how I’ve missed that!!!

The Boy is always up for a chore that includes climbing something.

The Boy is always up for a chore that includes climbing something.  And – ooh, look! – that’s my tiny white van below him!

+The Boy’s awesome new attitude toward chores and being with family. Last night he and I watched “Boondock Saints” together (I can hardly believe I can like such a gory, profane movie so much.) He wanted to go on errands with me today. He quickly completed a chore list that a few months ago would have had him complaining, hiding, and procrastinating for at least a day. Is it possible that going away to college made him appreciate his family? 🙂

+The promise of another quiet, family day tomorrow, cooking Thanksgiving dinner…can’t wait to smell the turkey roasting and run up and down the stairs to watch the Macy’s parade while I’m cooking. Simple pleasures.

image+This adorable Thanksgiving project Middle Sister and I concocted for our Wednesday night class last week. She made this extra one to send to Oldest Sister, who loves to get mail from us.



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