I am officially a crotchety recluse.

imageYesterday I posted pictures of some ornaments I received as part of a Christmas tradition of a group I used to belong to. It was a women’s group from church, and my time with that circle of women is a treasured memory.

BUT.  Just recently a women’s crafting group has started at our current church. Last weekend I visited with an old friend (who was in that long-ago women’s group with me) and we discussed whether we might want to join this new group.

We’re both still very into our craft projects. We used to get together monthly for a “UFO” (UnFinished Object) crafting evening. We’d both enjoy seeing each other more regularly. Yet there were a few points that killed the notion for us:

  • Dragging all our supplies somewhere to do what we could do in the comfort of our own homes – no way.
  • Going out in the dark and cold of a winter’s night – no way.
  • For me, going to church equals work. Not good. No way.
  • Just suppose there are people in this group I really don’t want to spend time with? Yuck!!! No way.

I’m well aware that an important part of a church community is being in relationship with others, including others with whom you disagree or whose company you don’t particularly enjoy. But I’ve reached an age at which I no longer feel it’s worth my time and energy to do things I don’t like.

Selfish? Isolationist? Anti-social? Maybe.

But I can live with that. And now I hear my tea kettle, a warm fuzzy blanket, and my knitting calling to me…


2 thoughts on “I am officially a crotchety recluse.

  1. I think we reach an age where we find that doing things because we “should”, is replaced with things we enjoy more. Except for my knitting group, which doesn’t include hauling around too much, I would rather craft in my own chaotic environment. It makes me more creative. 🙂


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