What a mom does.

Yuck. Whatever The Husband had the other day hit me this afternoon. Sinus headache that’s making my head want to explode, vaguely queasy stomach, and cold symptoms.

It’s way past time to start cooking supper, and I feel too crummy to do it it, anyway. Actually, the only thing I have an appetite for is definitely NOT something I could in any way call a meal…it’s my all-time favorite Christmas treat, which we call spider cookies. What do spiders have to do with Christmas? Absolutely nothing – it’s just that these treats resemble spiders. There’s no reason other than tradition that we only have them during the month of December.

And so I sit here on the couch, feeling too bleh to do anything, and feeling really rotten that I don’t have it in me tonight to feed even the skeleton crew that still lives here and wants to eat this evening. As loudly as I sometimes complain that almost all meals consumed in this house are completely dependent upon my planning and preparing them…feeding the people I love is a huge part of my “mom” identity. Cooking, sharing the meal and conversation surrounding it, and seeing them enjoy the food = happiness.

If the course of this bug runs in me as it did in The Husband, I’ll be relatively functional again tomorrow. Enough so, I hope, to do the weekly grocery shopping (not because I particularly love grocery shopping but because the cupboard is bare) and to make the spider cookies that I’m so desperate for.

Photos of said arachnid treats and recipe tomorrow…I hope.


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