“Away in a Manger” -or- “Holiday Hijinks”

With a quiet Sunday evening stretching out before us, some silliness has taken place in the household.

The Husband set this scene up. Apparently Emergency Services had to attend the event, as Mary gave birth to Vladimir Lenin.


Middle Sister added her own touch, with Mary and Joseph masquerading as more Communist Leaders of Russia, so that baby Lenin wouldn’t feel out of place.


And in this manger scene, Mary has returned from a two-year walkabout (she was found tonight in the basket of Christmas toys we keep on the piano during the season). The snowman who’d been standing in for her is less pleased than it might appear in this photo. We may have to call in Solomon.



2 thoughts on ““Away in a Manger” -or- “Holiday Hijinks”

  1. Batman and Larry from the Veggie Tales were also present at Jesus’s birth (according to the nativity at our house.) So when the kids get older you still don’t get the “House Beautiful” Christmas decor?


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