My Favorite Things

Just for the record, “My Favorite Things” is NOT a Christmas song. Putting it on a  Christmas song CD does not make it a Christmas song, any more than putting me in a room full of mathematicians would ever make me good at math. For Pete’s sake, in “The Sound of Music” this song is sung during a thunderstorm in Austria, which means it wasn’t even winter. Just sayin’.

But I have a few December favorite things I want to share. Every year during the Christmas season I love to read certain books and stories with a Christmas theme. Cozy, warm, happy stories that put me in the right frame of mind for the holiday. If you’re looking for some warm fuzzies this month, choose one of these to read:

“The Christmas Scrapbook” by Philip Gulley
Sam, the Quaker minister in the small town of Harmony, sets out to make the perfect gift for his wife. A series of crazy and hilarious events ensues, which cause the entire town to assume he must have a fatal disease. Help from an old friend saves the day, though there’s some disappointment when they discover the big funeral they’d planned won’t be necessary after all.

“Christmas in Harmony” by Philip Gulley
In this installment, Sam’s arch-nemesis on the church Elder committee insists on putting on a “progressive Christmas pageant.”
Of course the whole thing gets completely out of hand, especially when all the animals for the pageant are assigned to Sam’s house and arrive several days early.

“The House Without a Christmas Tree” by Gail Rock
Originally a TV movie in the 70’s with the screen play also by Gail Rock, this lovely story set in a small Nebraska town in 1946 tells of the war between a daughter and her bereaved father, who has refused to have a Christmas tree in the house since his wife died. Everything about this story is satisfying – interesting characters, detailed description, a satisfying plot, and a happy ending.

This volume contains "The Christmas Mouse," "No Holly for Miss Quinn ," and a bonus story, "Christmas in Fairacre." Cozy, peaceful reading for the season.

This volume contains “The Christmas Mouse,” “No Holly for Miss Quinn ,” and a bonus story, “Christmas in Fairacre.” Cozy, peaceful reading for the season.

“The Christmas Mouse” by Miss Read
Miss Read is the author of two beautifully quaint series about life in English villages. In this story, a couple of strange and unexpected visitors arrive on Christmas Eve. There are several interesting story lines, and it’s a lovely portrait of village life in the mid-20th century.

“No Holly for Miss Quinn” by Miss Read
A very self-sufficient and can-do career woman is called to rescue her brother’s family when her sister-in-law must be in the hospital over Christmas. Though she’s not a big fan of Christmas herself, the time taking care of her brother’s children and household bring a new dimension to Miss Quinn’s life.

Happy reading, and Happy Christmas!


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. My favorite is, The Little Red Buckets by Lynda M. Nelson. The first time I red it aloud to my kids, I got so choked up, I had to take a break. A very moving story, and one I read over and over. I still get choked up.


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