It’s Shortbread Day!

imageOne of our favorite Christmas treats is a simple shortbread cookie. I’m instantly drawn to any treat that has only three ingredients, especially when one of them is a pound – yes, you read that right – a POUND of butter.

I’m not a bad cook, but presentation is definitely my downfall. Rather than an ugly Christmas sweater contest, I’d love to participate in an ugly Christmas cookie contest. I’d have a lock on first place.

This year, with the shortbread, I got smart. We took advantage of the leverage in The Boy’s height to knead the cookie dough. And Middle Sister, who is definitely the artist in the family, rolled and cut the dough into perfect rectangles.



My main contribution was to remember to set the butter out several hours ahead of time to soften. Thank you very much.

imageThe oven is humming, the house is warm, and the scent of butter and brown sugar wafts from the kitchen. Shortbread day has improved exponentially due to the contributions of the kiddos home for vacation. Joy!


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