City street lights, even stop lights…

imageI love Christmas lights. We have several trees around the house with colorful lights, and I want them on at all times so I can enjoy the twinkling colors. One of our family traditions is to take a drive around town after dark sometime during the season to see beautiful (and some, truthfully, not-so-beautiful) displays.

imageSo with colored lights on my mind, I started eyeing the basket of toys we keep on the piano during the season. This basket, even today, keeps certain people in our family happily occupied when we’re waiting for certain other people in the family to get themselves ready to walk out the door for any event. Old-fashioned toys like a jumping monkey on a string, a ball-and-cup game, our Metrushka doll collection, and an excellent kaleidoscope.

I got to wondering whether it would be possible to get a photo of the gorgeous colored mosaics I could create in that kaleidoscope. Success!



7 thoughts on “City street lights, even stop lights…

  1. We haven’t gone for our annual Christmas drive yet this year but we will! It’s always nice to come home to the lights on at our house.
    And great job on the kaleidoscope photos:)


  2. Very cool! I loved my kaleidescope as a kid. 😀
    And we drove around a big neighborhood (not ours) on our way home from eating out last night. Some homes were REALLY impressive!
    And LOL, my husband is the one we’re always waiting on when leaving the house! I should create a busy basket like that! 😉


  3. I grew up with the same tradition of driving around looking at the lights. Unfortunately, it’s been a few years since we’ve done that. Keep it up in your home. Trust me, the kids love it even if they ever act otherwise.


    • I think we’ve skipped a couple of years, too. Thankfully our kids, even as teens, never really went through the “I’m so bored with anything to do with family” stage. There were other issues, of course, but not that one! 🙂


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