Saying goodbye

Today we said goodbye to Oldest Sister at the airport as she headed back to Baltimore and Johns Hopkins, truly having no idea when we might be able to see her again. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, learn from my experience and try to avoid these exacerbating circumstances:

+ Don’t be in the midst of coming down with a cold – don’t know about you, but illness always makes me feel more vulnerable.

+ Don’t be at the tail end of wacky hormone week – definitely more emotional at that time.

+ Don’t be anticipating saying goodbye to your husband, as well, the next morning for a three-week absence.

+ Don’t be at the end of the Christmas season. It’s such a beautiful time that I always feel sad when it’s over.

I’m thankful that The Boy will be home for another three weeks, and that Middle Sister is “always with me,” as the older brother in the story of the Prodigal Son. Unlike that jealous and vindictive son she’s good company and of generous spirit.

And now, with sighs and heaviness of heart, we move on.


10 thoughts on “Saying goodbye

  1. Its been two years now since my baby went to NY to try to
    figure out his LIFE. I don’t know why he can’t figure his life,
    with us. Ole Wise One and I miss him very much.
    However, he is maturing and independent. And that’s how we want our kids to be.
    If you can’t make it in NY you can’t make it anywhere.

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  2. My children are also all adults now. We have just been on a road trip away together for a week. I’m dreading today when we return home and everyone goes their separate ways. Let’s treasure the memories and thank God for blessing us with wondeful children. This is a new phase in our lives, we all have to let go. May God give us strength…


  3. Goodbyes are tough enough. I can see that this one has been given a little more pain to accompany the goodbyes. Hang in there, and enjoy your son while he is still there, and think of the things you and your daughter might do if she gets a break from studies. 🙂


  4. With mine only 10 and 6, I can’t imagine, although we are contimplating sending the older to sleep away camp for the first time this summer.

    Just so you know, if Oldest Sister ever needs anything, I only live about 1 hour from Baltimore.


  5. It is hard to see family go, I totally agree. I too, am happy to keeping my Boy here with us for another week. The house is already feeling empty since my parents and Oldest left …


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