Empty-ish nest, old and new

Yesterday was sort of a lost day. Still reeling emotionally from saying good-bye to Oldest on Sunday (for no one knows how long), I didn’t get much sleep – even though I’d popped a Benedryl at bedtime to try and beat my cold symptoms. The Husband had to be at his shuttle stop at 8:00 to head out of town for a three-week long training for his new job, so the siblings remaining at home and I drove him there to say goodbye. Got back home around 9:00, when I could swear the Benedryl kicked in with delayed action and I passed out for three hours.

So yesterday I mostly just slept and felt rotten. Feeling better today and with a fresh perspective (helped along by finding a SECOND pair of super-cool long boots today, brown this time and at an excellent price), I’m convinced my reaction was largely due to emotional strain. Missing our oldest girl. Freaking out because The Husband has never been away this long. Trying to imagine a new life once The Boy goes back to school in three weeks, when The Husband is traveling regularly for his new job, and when Middle Sister is so wrapped up in her school work I hardly see her.

Having just gone through the trauma of suddenly empty-ish nest in August, this all feels pretty familiar. I’m hoping the coping tools I came up with then will help me this time, too. New things to try, new things to look forward to. I’m starting tonight with re-learning to crochet. That’s my idea of a fun New Year celebration. I should be set up with some school volunteer work sometime in January. I’ve got a couple of new mystery computer games to keep me busy and mentally engaged. And I have a list of books to get to soon.

A new year, a new-ish kind of life ahead. It’ll be interesting to see where it takes us. Hope you all have an awesome celebration this evening, whatever form that may take.


4 thoughts on “Empty-ish nest, old and new

  1. I seriously dislike the re-visiting of being faced with an empty nest over and over. I like how you have chosen positive things to look forward to. Making a new identity for ourselves beyond that of the role of Mom, is difficult at times.


    • I agree! I really didn’t realize I would have to deal with this more than once…maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t think ahead and anticipate being miserable all over again…


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