Lost in the time/space continuum

A lost day last Monday turned into pretty much a lost week.

There were a number of factors contributing to my getting lost in the time/space continuum. The husband left for training for his new career: total change of paradigm in the household. I have some lingering virus that makes my head feel like a balloon filled with cement: lack of clear thought and energy, and a maximum of two hours of sleep each night. Taking the week off due to the weird mid-week placement of Christmas and New Years: completely off schedule and stagnating.

And the worst of all was the rotten news that came from The Husband late on Thursday: a fall he sustained Tuesday morning turned out to be a broken – not cracked, but actually broken – rib. With sub-zero temperatures and blizzard conditions up north where he was. And the need for pain killers and muscle relaxers, which – NO EXAGGERATION – turn him into a complete raving lunatic for days on end after just one dose. And the need to get him home to recover for four weeks so he can return to his training…

He finally made it home in the middle of the night after a travel odyssey that lasted 14 hours due to bizarre legal situations (not his, thank goodness) and the coming of yet another blizzard.

Through all this @#$%()%)$#, I’m finding, yet again, that family is absolutely indispensable. Our kids were a wonderful support both emotionally and practically. They sat with me through the worry. They jumped in and did tasks and errands that absolutely had to be completed. They kept in contact with their father when I was too exhausted. My brother-in-law did the middle of the night pick-up and brought The Husband home to us in the “wee smalls” last night.

Today I try to get back to some sense of normalcy. I’ve got a big week coming up at work , with lots to prepare for. I need to try and get back to being the responsible, “on top of things” person I prefer to be.

Crossing my fingers…


7 thoughts on “Lost in the time/space continuum

  1. I imagine with the side effects that he probably tries to stay clear of meds unless absolutely necessary. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve all been having such a rough time. I do hope that everything can get back to normal soon.


    • Thanks. I’m about to the point of trying to convince him to back off the meds just a bit – he’s losing days at a time because he’s almost never awake…good for healing of course, and he’s losing a lot of weight as he sleeps through meals, but mentally I think it’s starting to freak him out!


  2. In a some what related note, I nearly fall asleep to Dayquil. Dear husband argues with me that it isn’t possible, but, test after test shows me knocked out. I’m glad to hear about the good in a tough situation – I’m looking to find that more in my life as well.


  3. I don’t like that your husband broke a rib, but I like how your family pulls together. I hope your husband heals quickly. By the way, pain meds do the same thing to me. I would almost rather writhe in pain than to suffer the mental torture the pain medications put me through. Add to that, they create such anxiety as well. Hang in there!


    • Thanks, April. Doctors never believe us that he’s super-sensitive to all meds, and that’s led to some weird situations. In this case, we’re going with small doses in spite of the consequences, because the best thing for him right now is to just sleep and sit around as long as possible.


      • Amy,
        Do you know if one of those type of lamps that are sold at places like craft stores are the same as light therapy boxes? My mom and I have been having a debate that what she thinks is a light therapy lamp is actually one or not. She thinks that since her’s is a “full spectrum” light bulb, it’s the same thing. Can you point me to any source to see who is correct? Not that I can convince her otherwise, but I want to know if I’m wasting my time.


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