New year, new hobby

Having saturated the family-and-friends market with hand-knitted scarves over the last couple of weeks, I was left with

+too much down time post-Christmas

+several coordinating colors of varying amounts of leftover yarn

+stress over The Husband’s new career and intervening broken rib/enforced invalid period

Put it together and what have you got?  A new hobby – crocheting. Middle Sister and I spent New Year’s Eve watching and “rewinding” a how-to-crochet tutorial, and by the end of the evening we both had it down. Actually, she’s not a huge fan of the craft, but likes the idea of us doing a project together – what a sweetie.

While we work, we’ve started watching “Firefly” (why on earth did I wait so long see this series?!?), surreptitiously viewed Sherlock season 4, “The Empty Hearse” online (how could they possibly think we would wait until January 19 for that?) and reluctantly tuned into the Downton Abbey season premier (loved the first season, but now they’re on their third season of plumbing the depths of poor character development and stupid story lines).

Here’s our granny square progress less than a week later:


I’ve always been a fan of hand crafts, and it feels great to get back to them after years away. An excellent way to keep busy when it’s too snot-freezing cold to go outdoors. Repetitve and not mentally taxing.

I’d love to hear others weigh in on what they’re doing to beat cabin fever during this arctic spell. What are you doing to warm up the winter evenings?


6 thoughts on “New year, new hobby

    • I’m really enjoying granny squares because I get a small feeling of accomplishment in finishing each one. Of course it will take a LONG time to make enough for a blanket, but it’s fun watching the pile grow!


  1. I’m practicing cooking, but I do have a knitting project on the side that I work on when I’m not getting pulled on. I look forward to doing a project with one of the mini-ions, other than keeping ahead of the hunger cries.


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