Ladybug, ladybug…

This ladybug has been hanging out in our bathroom for a couple of days now. Strange that she chose one of the few spaces in the house that isn’t decorated in her own colors.


I would have thought she would have gone for the basement, where there are stacks of these hanging around everywhere and she could blend in:


I’ve decided she really is, as the legend goes, good luck. It’s only 11:00 in the morning and already I’ve

+completed a Pilates workout

+Gotten the rest of the household up and out the door for a “breakfast” (it was so unhealthy I feel the quotation marks are only fair) out using a Dunkin Donuts gift card I received for Christmas

+folded an enormous load of clothes

+gotten two more loads of laundry into the wash (I didn’t actually do the work for either of them but coercing the children into doing it counts as points for me)

+cleaned the kitchen

+bought and put away a week’s worth of groceries

+answered work-related emails and FB messages on my day off without even being annoyed

So I have the rest of the day stretching before me with nothing I absolutely have to do and the energy and motivation to do a few long-put-off tidying tasks. It’s so cold and blustery outside today that these tasks actually look inviting.

Thanks, ladybug!


4 thoughts on “Ladybug, ladybug…

  1. Oh I know it looks pretty…but I think it may be an Asian beetle. They like to go to warm places in peoples houses in the winter time. We have them in our corner room…exactly where the sun hits strong everyday. Do yours smell when you catch them?


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