I can see clearly now…sort of

glassesLast week I had a visit to the optometrist at the Target that’s just across a couple of parking lots from my office – convenient, relatively inexpensive, and I really like the doc. My issue, as I described in An eye for an eye last fall, was that my monovision system for near/far vision with a right contact only was no longer working for me. I’ve been wearing glasses exclusively for the last few months (which I really hate to do – I had brain surgery a number of years ago, and the nerve endings in my face are still super-sensitive) because I was sure my eyes had changed enough that I needed to start from scratch.

Surprise! Holly the eye doc tells me my eyes haven’t changed at all. She suggested I try going with the left contact only instead of the right. Ok, fine. I got an updated – though identical – prescription out of the visit, a set of sample contacts just because that’s what she always does, and a great conversation about caring for curly hair. Kind of a weird by-product of a doctor visit, but I mentioned how cute her hair was, and that led to commiseration about thick, curly hair (washing only every three or four days, never brushing, using a diffuser and several products at one time to keep down the frizz, having damp hair at the end of the day after a morning wash …it’s an experience, I’ll tell you).

Back to the eyes…I tried the left contact thing for a few days. Hmmm….nausea, headaches, inability to read my computer screen, realization that I’d have to get new readers. Excellent distance vision, but most of the day I was uncomfortable.  Not a huge success.

So today I’m taking a step backwards to last fall and again wearing only the right contact. Distance: good enough, unless I’m trying to read street signs in unfamiliar territory. Near to mid-range: perfect. I think I can live with this. I just needed a professional to put me back on the right track – in a roundabout way.

Lessons learned:

1. Don’t assume that because some parts of the body are crapping out due to middle age that all parts will follow suit.

2. Pay better attention to my own needs. I’m fairly certain my (perfectly natural) concentration on my family over the holidays led me to ignore something I could have handled on my own.

3.  Make a point to strike up conversation even in unusual circumstances – I got some excellent hair styling tips from the eye doc!

And now I’m off to enjoy my return to relatively normal vision.



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