Parental story problem.

Please, oh please...may I never have to sit through this show again.

Please, oh please…may I never have to sit through this show again.

Ice and snow.

The Boy driving an extra two hours out of his way from college to pick up a friend to come see our high school’s annual musical.

Wizard of Oz (Gross!).

Boy and friends going out after the show.

Simple math:
Freaky Winkies
PLUS flying monkeys
PLUS bizarro music and plot
PLUS worry about kids I love (especially my own)
PLUS bad weather
SUM: one sleepless night


2 thoughts on “Parental story problem.

  1. Sounds like a bunch of torture. This would be a good time to practice meditation–you know, sending your mind to a place other than where you are. Daydreaming–except for the worry about your kids. That can’t be thought away.


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