Riddle: When does a freshly washed towel not smell like a freshly washed towel?

imageRecently the clean towels we’ve used for showers have reeked of vinegar. Not when they come out of the dryer, not when they’re being folded. No, they lie in wait for you and start to smell like a pickle factory when you’re most vulnerable – dripping and nude, stepping out of the shower.

What has caused this phenomenon, you might ask? The immediate suspect was The Husband, who uses large quantities of vinegar to sanitize his CPAP machine once each week. He thoughtfully does this task in the laundry room, where the machine parts can sit out to dry without being in the way. His surface of choice is the washer/dryer. Fine. No problem.

Here’s the kicker, though. He denies all responsibility for the vinegar towels. Hasn’t spilled any, didn’t use any dirty towels to mop up his work area. In his opinion, it’s a total mystery….except that it’s probably my fault because I probably tried to fit too many towels into one load, and that will have magically infused them with vinegar smell.

Yeah. I’m sure that’s it.


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