Cooking therapy

Arranged by the route I take through the grocery store...yes, possibly a bit anal.

Arranged by the route I take through the grocery store…yes, possibly a bit anal.

Years ago our insurance “brotherhood” sent out a premium to members, a grocery list and menu planning form. I’ve long since lost that original, but it was so perfect for this organization freak that I created my own version. The first step each week (Thursday evenings) is to create dinner menus for the coming week and list all the groceries needed. Barring freaky calendar events grocery shopping happens on Fridays.

Last week I was running low on dinner menu inspiration, so I made up my own crock pot recipe for a kind of Swiss steak thing, which we ended up having yesterday. It smelled great all day. It tasted about like chewing on a blanket. The memory makes me gag.

The Husband and Middle Sister were very kind about it, or maybe they were both starving, because they had no complaints. The Husband even offered to do all the clean-up, so I could relax and crochet after dinner – not sure if that was just him being typically generous, or if he felt I needed consolation after my obvious cooking flop. Either way, the offer was much appreciated.

Awaiting their second coating of powdered sugar...

Awaiting their second coating of powdered sugar…

So today I felt a great need to redeem myself. I’ve just gotten a time-honored meatloaf recipe ready, along with a favorite spinach casserole, to pop into the oven. For good measure, Middle Sister and I made Russian tea cakes. After a kind of crappy last few days (the nasty crock pot meal was nothing in comparison to the other stuff I’ve got weighing on my mind), I needed that cozy time together.

It’s a little thing, but a some healing in the kitchen doesn’t hurt.


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