On to better things.

After a rough downer of a weekend, things are looking up in this household.

The Husband’s ribs got a clean bill of health from our doc and he will be back to his new career in less than a week. I could tell he was in a much better frame of mind because I found another one of these on my pillow this afternoon, ready to join the army I was already amassing.


Meanwhile, Middle Sister won another battle in the war against her nearly-nonfunctional gall bladder. She’s back to school, feeling better, and no longer in the depths of despair over whether she’ll be able to complete her semester (though she concedes that surgery is probably necessary over spring break). She, too, has shown tangible signs of improved mood, decorating her dry erase board with couplets from a Puritan primer she’s been reading for American Literature:


And after a stupid fall on Sunday evening, I’m much less stiff and sore than I was yesterday. I managed to get out in the sunshiny 70 degree weather this afternoon for a walk. Word to the wise: If you’re watching Downton Abbey (at this point that show just seems like a bad habit) and something interesting happens for the first time all season, do NOT sidle out of the room to take a pee break while keeping your eyes glued to the television. This inattention to your surroundings will cause you to trip over a file box full of tax and FAFSA documents, with the result of a bruised butt, wrenched hip and knee, and severe embarrassment.

Being stiff and sore was no fun, but that was nothing compared to how worried I was over Husband and Daughter.  When the people I love are hurting, life is pretty bleak.

Good news, warm air, and sunshine…good medicine!


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