Epic parenting weekend

Summing up the weekend:

+6 1/2 hours in the car to get to and from…
+2 university choral concerts, in which our children sang in five songs, for a grand total of 25 minutes of hearing our own kids. Plenty of other beautiful music, too, though.
+dinner with The Boy in his dining hall this evening. Not delicious, but emotionally satisfying. (Side note: How can a kid as intelligent as he is TOTALLY miss the enormous display outside the dining hall – including a dorm loft bed – that has instructions on how to sign up for housing for next year. I’ve been reminding him to do this for weeks and he swore he had no idea how or when he was supposed to do it. Thanking the fates that made us choose to eat there with him this evening or he would probably be living in the streets next year).
+hearing Middle Sister say on the long drive home after her concert last night, “I’m really glad you always come to hear me sing.” That is why we do what we do – because it really does mean a lot to them.
+a feature of our rental car – which The Husband will be driving to return to his training tomorrow – that cracked me up:

It would be handy to have a cat ejector in my flower beds...

I would like to install this feature in my flower beds, to eject the cats that poop there all summer.

+Finally, a sign seen at the tollbooth in Wichita, Kansas that I’ve been trying to get a picture of on the last several trips we’ve made down there. Finally got it today:

My interpretation of this sign: If a car hits you here, stars will come out of your butt.

My interpretation of this sign: If a car hits you here, stars will come out of your butt.

This over-booked weekend is now over, and tomorrow begins a new and strange stage of life – husband on the road for days and days at a time (assuming he doesn’t break any more bones in the near future). I can’t quite imagine it yet…


5 thoughts on “Epic parenting weekend

  1. Butt stars! 🙂 Is that a sign to be aware that being hit by a car causes epic pain? I love the cat button too. I’m glad mine are all inside cats so that I don’t annoy the neighbors.


    • People like you who keep their cats indoors are model pet owners, in my opinion. And about that sign…I can’t figure out why in that particular spot you’re supposed to be extra concerned about being hit by a car…

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