Eerily quiet

So our empty-ish nest of three has now decreased to two. The Husband is off on his big career adventure up north for the next few weeks, and Middle Sister and I are holding down the fort at home. She’s completely wrapped up in the 20 hours she’s enrolled in, however, so I’m largely on my own…

+serious decrease in laundry and dishes
+no goofy noises from dawn till dusk – a by-product of a certain husband’s severe adult ADHD I don’t miss
+I cleared off the computer desk so I can bear to work there, and am looking forward to de-cluttering a few other horizontal surfaces this week (clutter everywhere: another by-product of adult ADHD, which I also don’t miss)
+It takes a lot longer to run out of milk. I have this weird thing where I’m constantly worried about not having any milk in the fridge….I think being out of milk might be the end of the world as we know it.
+more free time to work on the book proposal and the blanket project for Oldest

+Having the bed to myself is, so far, not as luxurious as I expected. I wake up repeatedly thinking, “Well, this is weird.”
+I had to dump the trash and take it out today. I can’t remember the last time I did that.
+I’m pessimistically certain every appliance and vehicle we own will crap out sometime in the next three weeks, while our genius live-in repair man is away.
+Okay, so I don’t miss the goofy noises, but I don’t love the intense quiet, either.
+The Husband is fun to have around. Missing him already.

And this is only day two…


5 thoughts on “Eerily quiet

  1. I’ll spend a week with my parents and children every couple of months. I was excited, the first time, to be able to have it to myself (assuming I wouldn’t be sharing it with any youngsters). It actually hurt my back spreading out that much.


  2. Yes, I will warn you that you are probably correct on every appliance and vehicle crapping out while the hubby is gone.
    Every time my husband is traveling for work, something breaks. Every single time!
    Why do you suppose that is, I have always wondered???
    Good Luck.


  3. That’s why I have a bunch of needy animals. Personally, I would put sleeping in the bed alone as a pro. I love the silent night for sleeping and not listening to the constant rumble next to me. 🙂


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