Birthday surprise

We enjoyed a FaceTime session with The Boy this evening to celebrate his 19th birthday. Well, enjoyed is an overstatement…the wi-fi in his dorm is a cluster&*%&$#, so we resorted to talking via speaker phone and seeing each other in jerky movements for a few seconds at a time between internet fails.

But we did manage to see the big moment – when he opened the special surprise package we had shipped to him by Amazon. Drum roll, please…JAFFA CAKES!!!!


He’s also wearing the very metro cardigan we sent him.

The Boy is a rabid Minecraft fan, and will sit for hours if not poked with a cattle prod, watching the Yogscast – two British dudes sitting around playing Minecraft and narrating as they go. These guys are nuts about Jaffa cakes, and The Boy has long been obsessed with getting hold of some.

Honestly, they look rather unappetizing. Sponge cake, “squidgy” orange filling, and chocolate. He was in raptures, however.

Happy birthday, kiddo!


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