Poultry pranks

I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday picking up more yarn for the granny square afghan we’re making for Oldest Sister – we’re almost done with the squares – and I noticed that their garden decorations were 40% off.

Perfect time to think positive and imagine that we may actually have spring and flower beds someday, so I chose a couple of…well, I don’t know what you call them. Decorative thingies with a pointy stick attached, which you drive into the dirt. One with colorful sparkles (I can’t resist sparkles) and one sporting some kind of chicken-y/rooster-y animal.

I couldn’t think why at the time, but that chicken on a pointy stick made me laugh. When I got it home, it simply puzzled The Husband:


But when Middle Sister saw the chicken on a pointy stick, she immediately remembered why it was funny. She grabbed her phone and had me hold mine up to hers to beam me (a totally awesome feature of our Galaxy phones) three photos, which we’d taken several years ago. We were in the middle of a living room re-do, and were looking for interesting wall art. These guys, though they certainly deserve a spot in a hall of fame somewhere or another, did not make the cut for our living room project:


A very thoughtful and generous chicken.


I do not require life advice from a chicken.


What is this chicken exhorting me to believe in? He seems very earnest about it, whatever it is.

My question is now, as it was when we saw these in the store and could hardly hold the phone still to take the photos because we were laughing so hard: Who buys this stuff? Who feels the need to be lectured to by chickens every time they enter a room?

I don’t know. But I do know I will be making a speech bubble to attach to the chicken on a pointy stick that I bought for the flower beds. Now accepting suggestions for what inspiring word to put in it.


6 thoughts on “Poultry pranks

  1. So you have a deep seated inner longing to decorate with chickens?
    I don’t have a suggestion but think that it’s funny that you keep being drawn to chickens πŸ˜€


  2. That you, in return, for the laugh to start my day! πŸ˜€ Maybe the thought bubble could be one of those red circles with the slash through it, with a cat pooping behind it. Cat pooping not allowed.


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