Just let me change the oil first…

My sister-in-law and I have a private joke we share, whose roots are in the personalities of the two brothers we married. Here’s how it goes:

“Want to go out for coffee?”
“Sure. Just let me change the oil in the car first.”

imageThe deal is, neither one of our husbands has any concept of time passage or time management. The “just let me change the oil first” line came from a time she and my brother-in-law were due at a friend’s home for dinner, and he said those exact words.

The problem is, he wasn’t kidding. Talking him out of trying to change the oil in the ten minutes before they needed to leave for the dinner out was nearly impossible. Harsh words ensued.

I live this life, as well.

I learned early on in our marriage to give The Husband plenty of warning when dinner time was approaching. One evening pre-kids, after I’d given him the ten-minute warning, I looked out the living room window and saw a fascinating sight: He had a fence-puller chain attached to his pickup truck on one end and the hideous gas lamp in the front yard on the other end, and was getting ready to pull.

Now, I hated that gas lamp with a passion. But we hadn’t actually discussed pulling it out. And DINNER WAS READY!

There are some advantages, I guess, to just seeing a project that needs to be done and diving in to tackle it without thinking. I tend to over-think sometimes, so it’s probably a good thing somebody around here will just jump in and do things.

And now, I have a meeting I need to get to in ten minutes.  Just let me change the oil first…


2 thoughts on “Just let me change the oil first…

  1. Too funny! I’m finding men seem to have a natural lack of time reference built into their brains. I expect my husband to “change the oil first”, but I didn’t bring my boys up that way—at least I tried not to. They are both really bad at time management, judging how long it will take to accomplish something, and starting something right before an event–that they don’t have time to complete. Strange creatures. 🙂


    • They defnitely are strange creatures. It just occurred to me that our son has no problem at all with time management when it’s something he wants sto do. Oddly enough, he rarely has time to do the things I want him to do. Good thing I llke him so much. 🙂


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