Trash to treasure, part 2

This morning Middle Sister and I checked out a new consignment shop that opened near our house recently, just for fun. It turned out to be more of an indoor garage sale. but it was definitely worth the stop.

While all the rest of our neighbors were getting rid of junk at their curbs today for large item pickup day, I brought home somebody’s old junk, purchased for a mere $12 at this new shop (the price tag read $38!):


I’ve always wanted a multi-paned window to hang in the house. But I’m not sure where, because the logical place would be the spot where I hung the new piece I made yesterday from my friend’s discarded vintage ad decor.

So then, when we got home, the always ingenious Middle Sister decided to finally make herself an apron – she’s wanted one for ages. Last week while I was taking down most of the household curtains and cleaning them (heaven knows what got into me) she refused to allow the old white curtains in the upstairs bathroom to go back up.

Today she put those curtains together with a piece of an old tablecloth and a drawstring from an old pair of pajamas and fashioned and sewed herself a recycled apron. Considering the fact that in me she had the worst possible sewing teacher, she did a remarkable job.


imageWhat a fun, junky Saturday!


5 thoughts on “Trash to treasure, part 2

  1. Awesome. We were looking for a window like that for quite some time to make a mirror to go into the greenhouse/fernery. Eventually we gave up and the GG made one himself. It looks great in there and makes the little fernery look so much larger. 🙂


  2. Nice apron! I’ve wanted to purchase a window—but I’m not sure I know what I’ll do with it, other that stash it with the other stuff I have purchased for “one day”.


    • It occurred to me this afternoon that I could end up doing the very same thing. I’ll have to make a point of having the boy hang it for me while he’s home this week!


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