Lego Movie: Everything is awesome!

imageThat’s not exactly true, but…we finally saw The Lego Movie last night, and it absolutely was awesome. Every single second was completely fascinating with its clever and/or silly jokes and its intentional self-awareness. Two hours of pure pow, as they say. So much pow, in fact, that it will require another viewing just to catch the jokes I missed the first time. Things I loved about this movie:

•It’s rated G, which is my favorite kind.
•It’s absolutely true to itself.
•It has an excellent message without being preachy or overblown.
•Every little Lego reference reminded me exactly of how people play with Legos. If you ever had kids, giant tubs of Legos in the house, and plenty of rainy or snowy Saturdays when you spent the entire day building on the floor in your pajamas, you’ll recognize yourself and your kids. “I need a 4×4!” “I’ll never find the piece I want…until I don’t need it any more.” “Give me all the black Legos.” “Do you have any one-dots?”
•How can you not love a movie in which Legos photocopy their butts?
•It had a great lesson for parents – one that can be really hard to learn. Kids play differently than grown-ups do. Give them the space and freedom to play the way they want, and their creativity and imagination will blow you away.

In other news, The Boy came home yesterday for spring break. The first thing I noticed? The jeans we bought him in January are too short. In two and a half months the kid has grown at least an inch. It’s always been a challenge to find pants that will fit him, but now that he needs 30x34s, it appears the only place we’ll be able to buy them will be American Eagle. That means a trip to THE MALL tomorrow. Currently accepting any positive thoughts sent my direction, as I rate a trip to the mall right up there with having a tooth drilled with no novacaine.

Having discovered over this school year that on his trips home he generally manages to schedule himself so tightly that I barely see him for ten minutes at a time, I bribed The Boy with going to see The Lego Movie just to have some time with him. And it worked! He loved it and caught many of the references the rest of us missed. So good to be together again (minus Oldest Sister, which made me sigh with regret, I assure you).

Everything is cool when you’re part of a team…


4 thoughts on “Lego Movie: Everything is awesome!

  1. I feel your pain–both issues, THE MALL–ugh. And a tall skinny boy who grows too fast. My youngest had that problem, I am so thankful that he is filling out, it is much easier to find 34 X 36 than it was a 32 x 36. But then again, he usually wears shorts, which is a problem because he likes them to be knee length or below a bit. For a 6’4″ inch dude, it isn’t easy shopping in the regular guy shops—which brings me back to THE MALL, and following behind him until we find something that fits.


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