Back to “normal.”

tornado-46793_640It’s tornado season in my part of the world. And it seems we’ve gone back to tornado season in our household, too. It’s only 9:30 am and already I feel like a full day – and then some- has been packed into the morning hours.

With The Boy home for spring break, chaos has returned to this mom’s life. I have to admit…I kind of like it. The rushing, the last-minute game of vehicular musical chairs, the intricate scheduling – that’s what I was accustomed to for years, and I have to say I’ve missed it since last August since two of our fledglings flew away.

On deck for today:

  • An oral surgery consultation for The Boy, who will have his wisdom teeth out this summer. This required the viewing of a pointless (for him) video this morning at 7:00 – the only time today he’ll have to sit still – about getting teeth pulled. This kid has already had three horrific oral surgeries and actually thought they were pretty entertaining. No worries there. Then there was the pre-appointment paperwork, which took 45 minutes of yelling up and down the stairs as I was getting ready for work: “What’s your social security number?” “What’s the address of your office?” “Where’s the card for our dental plan?”
  • Hastily-arranged driving arrangements. Today The Boy will disassemble the loft bed that’s been in his bedroom since middle school, to make room for a normal bed as part of a complete re-do of that room. He needs my van to take his old bed to the thrift shop, so The Husband will drive The Boy’s Jeep. I hate the car The Husband drives, so I’m driving Middle Sister’s car and she’s taking her father’s car. Confusing, but the bed project must be done before The Boy goes back to school, as The Husband will not have time to deal with it because…
  • The Husband accepted a new job yesterday with a local company. THIS IS HUGE. After three months of false starts in his new career, he decided to go in a different direction, has had three local interviews this week, and last night we decided on which job he would accept. That means much paperwork and many appointments for him today and tomorrow so he can start his new job on Monday, which takes us back to…
  • The complete re-do in The Boy’s bedroom. The Husband’s new job will require him to do night shifts several days a week, so we need a bed for one of us to sleep in on those nights because I do NOT care to be awakened at 1:00 am. It’s another “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” situation. If you get the enormous loft bed out of the bedroom, you might as well paint before you put in a new bed. If you’re going to paint, The Boy has to finally pack up and store all his junk. If he goes to all that trouble, we might as well completely redecorate. This is good news, because redecorating projects are one of my favorite things – Middle Sister and I make a fantastic “Design on a Dime” team.
  • And then there’s my own crazy schedule today: Tons of must-do-today tasks at work. Preparing for a work crew to meet me here on Saturday morning to do some painting projects. Going to the oral surgeon appointment with The Boy. Grocery shopping this afternoon because if I don’t we won’t eat in the next week. Normally I shop on Fridays, but not this week because…
  • Middle Sister has her gall bladder surgery tomorrow – we have to be at the hospital at 6:00 am. Tomorrow will be a total write-off, and I’ll want to go to bed super early tonight. But first we have to pack up everything we need to keep ourselves relatively amused during a dreaded day sitting in a hospital.

So yes, life is back to “normal” for the next three days or so.  Exhausting and crazy, but strangely exciting. Of course, I may be singing a different tune on Saturday evening when the tornado finally passes over…


7 thoughts on “Back to “normal.”

  1. I’m kind of getting used to the lack of chaos from outside my mind. It won’t be lasting long. However, I won’t be having any surgeries, that I know of, so those offspring of mine, will be driving themselves around.


      • I was certainly wiped out by the end of the day. And then the girl made me watch Brannaugh’s Hamlet with her before bed – she had to finish it so she could blog about it for a class. So typical of her to be totally focused on school work even when planning for surgery first thing the next day…I still don’t know where she got that work ethic from. 😉


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