Hospital happenings

It’s Gallbladder Day!

Overheard between 6:00 and 9:00 am today in the surgery waiting room:

“Sharon wanted me to freeze her cabbage.” – Inexplicable comment made by the receptionist to her coworker as I passed by to find the restrooms. For the rest of my life I will be wondering what on earth this was about.

“Toe Sucking” – The Husband reading a headline from the morning newspaper. No joke. That was in the paper today. Something to do with a guy with a foot fetish hanging out at a Walmart shoe department in North Carolina.

“Baseball, baseball, baseball” – Chanted repeatedly by an adorable three-year-old who was waiting with her family. This tiny girl’s voice was extremely cheering during this long waiting time.

“Be here at 7:00 am Monday and we’ll get you started.” – A call from The Husband’s new employer. (The Husband is hard of hearing and I can always hear both ends of his phone conversations.). This one was very exciting, as it means we can finally breathe a sigh of relief after three months of extreme stress.

“All done, everything went just fine.” – Actually this one wasn’t overheard; it was spoken directly to us by the surgeon. Not a surprise that it was a simple, successful surgery, but a relief nonetheless. Middle Sister has been quite miserable for about 6 weeks. She’ll be cranky and snarly in the next few days of recovery (I know her pretty well after 20 years of living with her) but she’s not allowed to lift anything heavy so we should be safe from flying objects when her crankiness reaches a boiling point.

And now we wait while the girl wakes up and they get her ready to go home, where we’ll provide nursing care all day and try to stay awake after having gotten up at 4:30 to begin this adventure. Glad to check this one off the list.


8 thoughts on “Hospital happenings

    • Thanks, April. She’s recovering as expected, but she’s completely thrown by how rotten she feels. I think she was expecting this to be like when she had her wisdom teeth out and was pretty much back to normal the day after. A few more days of recovery will improve her mindset, I think. 🙂


  1. People watching can always be entertaining. Plus it is a great tool for passing time. It’s interesting the partial conversations that can be heard. Some of them can really leave you bewildered. Glad to hear that the surgery went well!


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