Trying something new…Ten Thoughts Tuesday

imageI was glad to see today that Valerie at “Atlanta Mom of Three” has come back to her blog. She invited others to join her in “Ten Thoughts Tuesday,” and since my brain is total mush today, ten random thoughts are probably right up my alley. So here goes:

1. My new best friends are Kleenex, a trash can, hand sanitizer, and decaf Earl Grey. Yesterday this bug entered the “sneeze every few minutes and don’t get out of reach of the Kleenex box” stage, and today my ribs are killing me.

2. There’s too much I need to do at work to stay home again tomorrow, so I’m going in at least for the morning. And of course tomorrow is Wednesday, so I have to go back in the evening to lead a K-6 class. Will do my best not to contaminate everyone at church.

3. The Husband started his new job AND new career on Monday. He loves it, which is absolutely fantastic. His schedule includes getting to work at 2:00 am three days a week, which will definitely take some getting used to. It’s 4:30 right now and he’s getting ready for bed. Weird.

4. Middle Sister is recovering well from her gall bladder surgery but is understandably frustrated/angry because she’s still having post-surgery nausea. Nausea was her main symptom before the surgery, so she’s pretty bummed. Surely a few more days of recovery will take care of that, though.

5. My plan was to stay home with gall bladder girl Monday and maybe part of Tuesday, and to take advantage of that time at home to prime the walls in The Boy’s bedroom for new paint. That plan went down the drain with the onset of this crummy bug. Extremely frustrating.

6. It snowed almost all day yesterday. Didn’t stick, but it was really a downer, nonetheless. At least the sun is shining today, even though it’s not warm out.

7. Running out of both Kleenexes and Earl Grey necessitated an excursion to Target today. I dragged Middle Sister with me just to et her out of the house. While we were out I picked up yarn to start a new afghan for either The Boy’s redecorated room or Middle Sister’s room. I think I can get through the rest of this week of feeling rotten with a new project to focus on. Because…

8. I finished Oldest Sister’s afghan on Sunday. Can’t wait till she gets it and I canimage imagine her cuddling up with something I made especially for her.

9.I don’t know what’s going on with our laundry, but we’re on this freaky cycle where every category of laundry load needs washing on at the same time. I did five loads on Saturday and need to do four today. Not gonna happen, I’m afraid. I feel like death, Middle Sister can’t life anything over five pounds, and The Husband is either at work or asleep at this point.

10. Looking forward to coming up with a post on the “F” of parenting for the “ABC” series…not sure what it will be yet, but I’m hoping the fuzz clears out of my head in the near future and some brilliant thought surfaces. I probably shouldn’t hold my breath on that.

Happy Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “Trying something new…Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. Yay, so glad you joined in!
    I’m sorry you’re sick, and a nurse at the same time. Ahh, but mothers are always wearing at least two hats, no? πŸ˜‰
    Ooh, I love the afghan! I like that you used granny squares, with patterned g square border – great idea. πŸ™‚ And lovely colors!


    • Thanks – it’s been really fun to learn granny squares and actually do something useful with them. Thanks, too, for the invitation to join TTT – it was fun!


        • It’s really not as hard as it looks. My daughter and I learned by watching a You Tube video and rewinding it over and over again. We got it down in one night. You can learn anything on You Tube! πŸ™‚


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