Things I have no business doing, but I do them anyway…

There are plenty of activities that fit this description, but the one that’s being driven home today is painting.

Ten years ago I painted The Boy’s room midnight blue, at his request. I added silver stars, moons, planets, and rockets to match his love of space and aeronautics. I knew ten years ago that one day I would despise myself for painting those walls midnight blue.

Today is that day.

We have to have this room useable in a week or so. With The Husband’s new work schedule, another bed is a must for the days when he has to be at work at 2:00 am. And I’d like for The Boy to have a real bed to sleep in on the few occasions when he’s home – having him on the basement couch just seems so pitiful.

I’m one coat of primer into the project, and my standards – which started at pretty much rock-bottom – have now descended into the pits of hell. Drips of paint on the floor? No problem! We’ll cover them with new area rugs. Splotches on the ceiling? At least the white primer is reasonably close to the white of the ceiling paint. Thick drips on the walls? Who cares! The room is so tiny we’ll cover most of the wall space with furniture and artwork.

I have never in my life had to prime a wall before painting it. This project will take two coats of primer to cover the midnight blue. And then tomorrow I’ll have the joy of the actual painting.

I am scheduled to fall into a coma at 3:00 pm tomorrow. I figure if it’s on my schedule, no one can argue.


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