An intentionally light-hearted post: weird photos stored on my phone

Summing up the last couple of weeks:
•new job and new schedule for The Husband – excellent but stressful
•surgery for Middle Sister – much needed but a difficult recovery
•world’s fastest bedroom re-do over the weekend – extremely satisfying but physically VERY painful (several bruises, achy muscles from painting and busted lip/smashed nose from moving furniture)
•4:00 am trip to the ER due to Middle Sister’s shut-down digestive system

Put it all together and I’ve just about had it with big and serious stuff. So tonight I’m clearing out my phone and looking for funny photos I’ve collected recently.

image This seems to be a zombie graveyard, seen in a Walmart in Baltimore.


This was found in a bag of pre-washed baby carrots. It appears to be doing a vegetable strip-tease.


From a trip to Ikea outside of Baltimore last summer. We’re getting our own Ikea here in the fall, and I can’t wait to have access to hogfardig (sorry, I don’t know how to create umlauts with my iPad keyboard) right here in my own home town, whatever hogfardig is.


Absolutely brilliant Halloween costume made by a Minecraft-mad young friend at church.


Really bad advice, found outside my favorite car wash.


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