Bargain bedroom re-do

When you have a small house, every bit of real estate in it is precious – even a 9’x10′ bedroom.

For the last eight years or so, The Boy’s room has been a disaster area. It was my contention that it was his job to keep it picked up, dusted, and inhabitable. The fact that he generally chose not to do do so meant that I had to look the other way (and keep his door shut as much as possible) and basically pretend his room wasn’t even there.

As I mentioned last week, The Husband’s new job (which requires him to be at work at 2 am three days each week) meant that this piece of 9’x10′ real estate had to be made functional again. He needs a place to sleep on those 2 am nights where he won’t wake me up. And on the rare weekends – and summer time – when The Boy comes home, we felt like he deserved a more mature space to live in.

So we’ve gone from this, last Friday:


To this, today:


Two coats of primer and one of paint. Online and in person shopping for a rug, cheap but not-bad-looking furniture and bedding set. Dusting, vacuuming, and dusting some more. (It was truly frightening what I found under his book shelf. I didn’t know dust bunnies could grow to be an inch thick and 12 inches wide.) Hanging my awesome consignment shop-find (the 6-paned window) as the first item of wall decoration.

We’re still in transition, but I’m thrilled with the progress in just one week. One of my favorite things is planning and executing a redecoration project. Can’t wait to see what other treasures make their way into this new space over the next few months!


4 thoughts on “Bargain bedroom re-do

    • Thanks! It’s quickly becoming my favorite sitting room now that we’ve also put in a very comfy lounge chair. It will be hard to give it up when The Boy comes home for summer…though I’ll be thrilled to have him back. 🙂


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