Blogging Connections: Hello there, viewer from Pakistan!

imageOkay, ignore the fact that there are only three views in this screen shot of my “views by country” for today. I mean, really – it’s only 5:30 am. The exciting thing is that at least one of those views is from someone in Pakistan.

It’s a first for this blog, and I’m strangely excited. It’s one of the things I love about blogging – making connections with people on the other side of this big blue sphere we live on. There are many blogs I read every day, learning about family life in Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Australia (and even right here in the USA). It’s wonderful to learn that moms are moms the world over – what is important to me is important to my blogging friends thousands of miles away. My world has grown through these vicarious daily experiences, and I’m thankful for it.

A friend of mine has long been insistent that online community can be real and meaningful. When we first began that discussion several years ago I was skeptical. Then I participated in a weekly chat he hosted, and I started to change my mind. Now, with the connection of Mom Goes On and the blogs I love so much from all over the world, I’m experiencing that community myself. There are people I’ve never met in person, but about whom I care very much. I laugh at their children’s antics because I’m getting to know those children just a bit through their parents’ eyes. I sometimes cry with them over the rough spots or even the tragedies of life. I’ve been encouraged by their words of support when my own life seems to be in the pits.

So welcome, my friend from Pakistan. I hope you stop by again and leave a note so I can “visit” your world, too!


10 thoughts on “Blogging Connections: Hello there, viewer from Pakistan!

  1. Lovely post! I agree it is so wonderful to learn about the world through the blogging community. I too was skeptical and now there are author’s who I feel connected to because of the stories they share. We have come to read and support each other’s work and that is a great feeling.


  2. Hehe, isn’t it amazing?! You prompted me to look at my stats too and I had a view from Pakistan yesterday! The one farthest away from me today is Japan. 🙂


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